Are your unconscious labels, silently keeping you from creating your best life?

Hello Beautiful Beings,

Are your unconscious labels, silently keeping you from creating your best life, from moving forward into your purpose?

Most of us have labels for ourselves, for others and even the things around us, this we know. It is answering; ‘Tell me a bit more about yourself!’ Well I am a mom, dad, lawyer etc… These are labels we place on ourselves with out realising how they hinder our progress, because when an opportunity comes up to take us out of this label, our self limiting belief comes up (this is not always known) and stops us from moving into that role. On the other hand when that label changes for us when we have no control over it, this can lead you to feel like you have failed.

I am going to get personal here and share with you how I discovered this whole labeling thing for myself. I will make it short.

For those of you who follow me on social media you know I have been going through a personal situation that has been challenging. I am currently going through a divorce (It’s not ugly but never the less still a divorce). We were separated before and got back together time and time again and eventually it was time to call it. Even though it wasn’t a wake up one morning and just to hard to work at it so here you go, it was years of trying t fix it. You know what was a feeling that came up? It was failure, I had failed. Even though logically I knew I didn’t, this feeling of failure took over and here it is my label of wife, happy family, was no longer, it had changed to getting divorced, single parent moving back in with her parents. This was tough for me to work through, to rid myself of these unconscious labels, I am still working on it, to find who I am at my core being without labeling myself with a title. Yes, I am a mom and my name is mom to two beautiful boys, but it does not define me, and what I am and what I can achieve.

When we place labels on ourselves we automatically place a glass ceiling above ourselves and how much we can do or achieve, what is perceived under this label as right or wrong. Here is one of mine, you can’t seriously believe you can be successful in your career and be a good mother to your children and be there for them?

Another example is, labeling yourself as what you do, I.e a lawyer. This is not who you are, you could decide tomorrow you do not want to be a lawyer anymore and you want to go be dancer on a cruise ship, you, your core, your being has not changed you are still you, what you do has changed.

Then we get the labels of, I am not good enough, I have a big nose or I have a big butt so I could never do that.

Here is what I am getting at though through all the rambling is, is your label keeping you in your comfort zone? Is your label stopping you from changing your life to live your path because of a belief you may not even know you have? Do our labels keep us in a place of  ‘safety’, where when we try and change or move forward it brings us back to ‘safety’?

So, Let’s ditch our labels, and lets find descriptive words to describe our true beautiful being, what our essence is, what we get to offer the world. Are you tenacious, caring, see the good in every person or situation can you create a positive from a negative, can you see the opportunity when everyone else can’t, are you feisty? With these words you are not limiting yourself to a title, or a label because with these words you can be a mom, a doctor, have a big bum and you can interchange between all of those titles/ labels and you can bring your essence into every situation.

Don’t limit yourself by placing a label on your forehead, be truly and authentically you no matter what area of your life you are in.

Much Love,