Arm Workout No Equipment- Movement Monday

Hello Beautiful Beings,

This Movement Monday is an arms workout. I had a Pilates routine video and had such technical issues with it that I decided to use these arm exercises. This is actually from my Movement Challenge E-book, so if you would like to see all the routines you can sign up to my newsletter and you will receive a free copy.




Always make sure you are moving your arms from stable shoulders and doing each move with integrity. (Think of keeping shoulders out of ears and minimal tension in the neck and shoulders)

3 sets 30 sec rest in between sets*

Push ups (can do on knees or against a wall) x15

Tricep dips x15

Commandos x12 (6 each side)

Plank 30sec – 1min


Arm Workout


Push ups (Can do against wall) x 15 

Move from your arms and make sure you are keeping your body still.

(Your body only moves up and down because of your arms.)

Inhale: Bend arms

Exhale: Push up

Variations: On knees (see pic) or against the wall

 Tricep Dips x15


 Keep bum close to the chair

Elbows bend straight back.

Keep shoulders away from ears.

Inhale: Bend arms

Exhale: Push up


 Commandos x 12 (6ea side)

Inhale: Take arms down to forearms one at a time

Exhale: Lift back up to hands one at a time

Remember to work both sides evenly.



 Plank 30sec – 1 min

 For Plank you can choose to do it on your hands or forearms. 


Much Love,