Let’s Talk: Believe It and You Can Achieve It.

You have heard it time and time again believe it and you can achieve it… Well I think it is a bit more complicated than that…

Believe it, of course you have to first believe it or even think it to know that you would want something. So here’s this thought that pop’s up in your head, you can think it, think its a good idea and then throw it away because in your minds ‘eye’ you don’t believe you can achieve it. This could be something big or small. But let’s take an idea that you actually believe / you can see happening for yourself, (think about it for a moment), you believed it now here it is coming to you in pretty wrapped gift and bow wrapped around it, ye didn’t think so. So here’s the stuff in between, the juice, the hardship, the struggles, the joys, If you believe in something you will do the work (good or bad times) to achieve it. If you believe in your idea so much you will adjust where you need to, to achieved it. You will work twice as hard, you will find a way to make it work. SO, yes Believe it and you can achieve it, Because you believe in it that you will go through the work to achieve it.

Believe it

Look at your aspirations, your dreams, your goals, whatever they may be big or small. Now really go into detail about your desires, start with one goal (the smallest if needs be) and see it, feel it, smell it, experience it all in your minds eye. You got that? Your mind might start bringing up how in the (insert word of choice) am I going to do that, I don’t have finances or resources or time. Here’s the fun part if you truly believe our minds start problem solving…

You Can Do the Work

Yes, that’s right. Find a way, just start, brain storm, try it. If it doesn’t work try another way. Speak to people, get advice from like minded positive experienced people. Take the time to research. Change small details if needs be. Sometimes exactly what we imagine may not be viable but by adjusting slightly we can achieve our goal. Don’t be stuck on the outcome, work with the flow of the ups and downs. Set your intention and find the path, stop and smell the roses along the way and then carry on, you might end up taking a detour as well and that’s alright. Find fulfillment in the process, in the lessons.

Achieve it

Yes, you can. With the right mind set, working with yourself and not against yourself learning from the hard times and perseverance you can achieve your goal. Celebrate you wins.

Now repeat the whole process again with your other goals, desires, work on a few at a time. The more you do the more momentum you build up, so don’t stop you can create the life you want, by believing it you just got to do the work in between.

Just a side note for going through this process; In NLP we have a presuppositions: The La of Requisite Variety, which means in simple terms that a person who is flexible with there behaviours will control the situation.

Or The Japanese proverb; The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak who resists.

What I am saying is try not be stuck on one way to get to your ‘destination’, enjoy the journey and the flow of it all.