Movement Monday- Ab Blast

Hey Beautiful Beings,

A bit of Real Talk first: Being Phoenix Movement and Wellness, doesn’t always mean I have it all together, fact is I can give advice on how to be healthy, adding movement into your life, goals, you name it. But when it has come to me I have kind of put myself last, I will get to me once…. the kids are sorted, or Phoenix Movement and Wellness is establish or I have enough money…

So, I watched this video back after recording and I kind of cringed at myself. I have been fighting with my body for a long time now, that is also the reason why I have taken so long to actually get down to doing videos. I was waiting to have my perfect body. The I came to realise waiting is a waste of time and it is part of my journey too, and that is the beauty of it. So I looked at this video and was your abs are so flabby, your thighs look huge…. BLA BLA negative inner voice here to pull you down. At the end of the day we all have our journey, the parts we struggle with and this is one I have struggled with my whole life.

Here are my realisations:

I have tried to force to much, instead of trusting myself to know the way and listen to my body.

I have emotionally eaten when things have not gone my way.

I enjoy drinking wine and have used it to numb some of the emotional pain I have recently been going through.

Sometimes I don’t nourish my body enough, being in the fitness industry, sometimes I eat too little. Or too much of the wrong stuff for the quick on the run.

I have body shamed myself for way too long.

  • – I am actively working on self love and compassion and this also means taking the time to nourish my body, this means forgiving every part of me that has chosen to speak so negatively towards myself, to start trusting the process and listening to my body.
  • – I have made a promise to myself to love me more, so I can overflow to you. So I can give you all the best value into your lives on your journey to living in Wellness.


With out further a due; Here is an Ab Blast for Movement Monday.

Much Love,