Raw Chocolate Goodness – Tasty Tuesday

Happy Tasty Tuesday Beautiful,

After my melt down yesterday, I have decided to post a raw chocolate for Tasty Tuesday. Those who know me well I am a chocolate addict, so these are a bonus for me because they are not loaded with the other crap you get when buying commercial choccies.

Raw chocolaty goodness.


1 cup Cacao

2-3 Tbs raw honey / liquid sweetener of your choice (you can also change quantity for your taste)

1 cup Cacao butter / coconut oil.

Over double boiler melt cacao butter/ coconut oil, mix in sweetener and cacao powder until all combine.

Pour into moulds and place in fridge to set.


Get creative.

Add your favourites in to the mix.

Chopped nuts

Goji berries


Spices of your choice

Ayurvedic herbs




Much Love,

Ashley xxx