Waiting for Perfection.

” I have been searching for the perfect answer, the perfect solution, the perfect moment. I have been waiting to be the perfect person to serve you.”

How Bizarre does the above quote sound to you? Truth is, most of us are guilty of this. This was me and this is how I felt I had to be before I could serve anyone in the health and wellness industry, and at the same time it put me behind on achieving my goals. Even though I did teach Pilates and movement, start my blog and social media posts I always had this voice inside saying I was not worth it. This came through in my presence. Only now am I truly moving forward and finding the way to be happy with who I am now and how I am helping with being truly me and not trying to become something I am not. I think we can all agree Perfection in not real, because even when we reach a goal, we will want to progress and get better, so we wont feel perfect. This trap of chasing perfect means we never take the step to create what we want to, we bring ourselves down and say we are not good enough.

Those famous words I will do that when….. (add in your excuse here). Over the past few years, my weight has fluctuated and their have been moments I felt like a pregnant whale (and this is after I had kids not while I was pregnant). The words that ran through my head were how can you help people with there health/ weight goals if you are not happy with yours, if you cant find the weight you are happy with, yet you are creating this space for people. (We will be talking about this personal emotional abuse in a future blog post.)

What I realised is, it isn’t about our weight or size or what mould you are trying to squash yourself into, I realised it is about finding food, movement and lifestyle that fits into your life, that makes you feel healthy and happy and your body will adjust. But, the biggest thing that happened for me and it only happened a few days ago thanks to NLP, I realised I was holding onto an event that happened years ago that has affected so much in my life, I thought I had ‘forgiven’ the situation but actually not really and certainly had not forgotten it, once I truly released it the weight that lifted off my soul was almost instantaneous. It was truly an amazing feeling.

If you have followed me or know me, you will know I have had a massive emotional eating problem, I ate when feeling down, bored or any feeling really that wasn’t desirable I would eat/ snack. This turned into an everyday thing. It became such an addiction and a habit. This added to the above of me feeling less than adequate to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Since I have found the major root of my feelings, I have had no need for this, it is an all new experience and I might have moments and that’s okay I know how to work through it. The beauty, the juiciness, the art is within the journey not within the result.

What I am saying is create you path, serve people with what you love doing and do it now, because from your real journey you will touch people’s lives in ways you can not imagine.  The haters will always hate but don’t keep your gift back in fear of the haters, give your gift to the people who truly need and appreciate it. Keep going because you never know who you are inspiring.

“Now, Go be your perfectly imperfect self.”

Much love,

Ashley xxx